Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HZ #16 Zombies

When I heard that the theme for the latest HOWiezine was going to be Zombies, I immediately signed up. I love horror movies, especially Zombie movies so this theme was right up my alley. I knew I wanted to do something involving horses, but I wasn't sure exactly what. Initially I thought of taking a realistic looking horse, and zombi-fying it. Eh, boring. Then I thought of purchasing a blank plastic pony and painting a zombie body on it. Too easy, and done before (if you do a google search you'll see what I am talking about).

Then my brain started ticking...and I thought of my stash of My Little Ponies, buried somewhere in the basement. Hmm. Would I be able to find these favorite toys that had been a big part of my youth? So, flashlight in hand I ventured downstairs into the dark, cold, dusty and spider zone known as the basement. Luckily I had a vague idea of the kind of box they were in, so it did not take me long to find them. I remembered I also had a nursery and barn, so I searched further and found those too. I brought everything upstairs, laid it all out on the floor and sat...thinking. How could I use this stuff to my advantage? Then I had an idea. What if I were to have a sort of, "average day in the life...gone horribly wrong" sort of deal. So I took a few things outdoors to the safety of the backyard (where no one would see a grown up playing with My Little Ponies of course) and set it all up. Then grabbed my camera and tripod and did some test shots. Eureka!...a zombielicious idea was brewing.

But, like all zombies in the making, I needed fake blood. It was past Halloween. Crap. So I did a bit of googling and found some fake blood recipes. I jotted down some notes, and got to work. Luckily I had the right ingredients. Three different blood mixtures later, I headed back out into the yard...thanking the fact that no one was going to bear witness to what was about to happen...

With some rubber gloves and a basting brush I got to work. Splatter here, clump there..blood trail in one directions, entrails in the next. Satisfied with the carnage, I quickly took the necessary shots and then hauled everything back indoors.

I bring you My Little Ponies...which will never be the same.*
*(Ok, really everything got cleaned off with soap and water so no ponies were seriously harmed in the zine making...)

Once I had all the photos, I had to figure out how I wanted everything to play out on paper. I took my main shot of Applejack and used that for the front of the design, adding just a snippet in the bottom corner of the horror that was to come. I wanted to showcase the various angles and enough of the carnage so I used a series of photos for the corresponding page, and sort of went with a comic book style, breaking up the sizes and layout on the page. Then all that was left was the writing. Once the writing was in, the story was set in motion.

(Photos can be clicked on to view larger and read the text)