Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creative Reuse of Horseshoes

I recently made these for 2 friends for Christmas.

I had acquired some horseshoes from the last farrier visit to the barn, and decided to put a few to good (re)use. I cleaned them with some diluted detergent and a stiff brush. Once dry I used a wire brush to remove any remaining residue, or loose metal.

The horseshoes were then repainted with metallic paint, to regain their luster. I then picked out a range of beads appropriate for each of the recipients. The beads were then strung on 24 gauge wire, and wrapped around the shoes. Wire was also bound across the top, for hanging purposes. The final touch was the attached pendant, which read, "create, dream, soar."

Originally I wanted to photograph them outdoors before giving them out, but the weather has been pure crap to try and set something up. So I grabbed a small stool, and placed it near the patio doors to our deck where the most natural light was coming in. I placed one piece of wood across the top of the chair, and leaned the other against the wall. I was pretty satisfied with the results, and I think it probably worked better than my original setup for outside.


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