Thursday, October 30, 2008

HZ-14: Positive/Negative

The basic idea behind my pages was essentially that positive doesn't always equate good, and negative doesn't always equate bad. For the positive page, the image is a digital photo of a section of a CT scan my Dad had done last fall when he went into the hospital. This test was the one where we found out he had new tumors. To achieve the right look of the scan, I photographed the film while it was positioned on a lightbox. I then black barred the information I wanted kept private. Originally I had the "My Dad" text positioned in the upper left corner, but due to the binding I moved it to the right to make sure it would not be obscured once the HZ was assembled.

For the negative page, I used negative ions as my focus for the page. Any serious waterfaller knows about the phenomenon that absorbing the air around waterfalls can give you a positive feeling. But for those who don't, I included a bit of background information about them. I chose to use a portion of a macro waterfall photo to showcase the flow of the water, as well as to not distract the viewer from the ions floating about the page. I tried to create simplistic looking ions that I could easily play with, and overlap...changing the opacity about the page.

The other reason this page felt good in conjunction with the other page, is more of a personal reason than a visual one. Last fall I spent so much time in hospitals while my Dad was sick, that being outdoors and photographing waterfalls was the only thing that kept me sane. Ironically, the last day he was home (October 31st), was probably one of the best days I had, in terms of weather, fall foliage, and the shots I got. As if almost by design, it all started with the scan...and ended with waterfalls.

To view the rest of HZ-14, you can check out the set on Flickr.