Thursday, May 22, 2008

Featured in JPG Mag Blog

About a month or two ago I sent the people of JPG Mag a link to my HZ-11 cover design and Flickr set to see if it could be put on their "Brave New Photography Blog." Well I just got an email saying they mentioned the HOWie Zine in one of their blog posts this week: Projects and Exhibitions.

They wrote: "jroz was recently part of a collaborative book arts project, the HOWie Zine. jroz was selected to create the cover of the 11th edition and you can see her photographic work, and find out more about her book project on the HOW Blog."

I wish they had written *the* book project rather than *my* project since Ms. Patti is the leader on the 'zine and it takes alot of HOWies to get one done...but I was glad to see they used the links I provided so everyone can see what the HOWie Zine is, and take them to the HOW Blog. In the email they sent me they noted that my photo set on Flickr looked pretty amazing and it was awesome to see such a great collaborative project. [:D]