Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Photographic Alphabet!


I had so much fun with the Robots HOWiezine, that I signed to create the cover design for the 11th edition of the HOWiezine. The theme this time was the Alphabet, and right away I had a fair idea of what I wanted to do. Right away I thought of doing something similar to this photography project from when I was in college. Unfortunately, a death in my family and the rapidly declining weather forced me to put a bit of a different spin on my idea...which ultimately wound up being a bit more challenging, as well as pay homage to my father who passed away in December.

Instead of finding letters within objects, I decided to find objects around the house that started with each letter of the alphabet, kind of along the whole ABC's book we all had as children. All the objects chosen were photographed with a DSLR, with an aim towards more macro shots, and then thumbnails were created of each letter and arranged along a grid in AI to form a "from A to Z " photographic cover. The extra space in the center of the grid was filled with a special shot that I composed, featuring some of the most basic tools a designer uses (especially at the start of their career) and included the HZ edition number.

HZ-11 Center shot

The front and rear cover designs were essentially the same, with the only difference besides the orientation was that the center shot on the front, which also represented the letter "H" (for HOW, of course!) was replaced by the photo for "Q" on the back, so that my grid would be effective...and to poke a bit of fun and make everyone think and flip back and forth between the covers to (hopefully!) notice the subtle difference.

Without further adieu, let's take a look at the front and back covers:

Front Cover of HZ-11

Back Cover of HZ-11

I wanted to have a variety of shapes, colors and textures across the covers so a few images were scrapped along the way to include one's that were more visually appealing and working in the overall appearance. The photos went as follows:

A - Apple
B - Bear
C- Candle
D - Dishes
E - Eraser
F - Film
G - Grass
I - iPod
J - Jeans
K - Keys
L - Lamp
M - Markers
N - Newsprint Paper
O - Orchid
P - Paintbrush
Q - Q-tips
R - Rollerskate
S - Saw
T - Tacks
U - Umbrella
V - Velvet
W - Wrench
X - X-acto
Y - Yashica Camera
Z - Zoey

As mentioned earlier, several of these items paid homage to my Dad. The bear was one of the few that kept him company while he was in the hospital after surgeries. The keys were his. The ladder is the paintbrush photo was passed on to me when I started painting murals. The saw is one he bought me a few years ago to add to my toolbox. The umbrella is from my grade school years, with my name carved in the handle by my Dad. The wrench was one of his favorite tools, and he helped me pick Zoey out from the pet store last summer.

I decided to keep the interior of the covers tied in to the exterior by picking two of the thumbnails, and showcasing them at their full size. I labeled each photo with their description in Helvetica, taking into consideration that Helvetica is one of the first fonts a designer uses when starting their education. I liked the texture in the "G" grass photo and the combination of color and composition in the "U" umbrella photos the best, so they were my choices for the interior.

Interior front of HZ-11

Interior back of HZ-11


Mary February 19, 2008 at 5:38 PM  

Seriously great job on the 'zine covers!! They look spectacular! I love this 'zine a lot. Can't wait until you get yours!

Steph February 20, 2008 at 8:59 AM  

Nice job on the covers! I almost went the same direction with my submission. I posted my process and submission to the 'zine on my blog HERE. Thankfully, I went another route on the concept.

I can't wait to see this 'zine in person. Your covers look great.