Friday, September 28, 2007

Seen the Zine?

Scenes from inside HOWiezine #10 ----> Robots!
The covers...and binding!

Interior Shots...

Fun With Robots!

For anyone wondering about my pages for HOWiezine #10...
here's a sneak peek.

Front side:Back side:

My idea got inspired from a creepy photo I saw online in conjunction with the quote seen on the front side. I toyed with the notion of having a body limb sticking out from the shadows, or a figure tied to a chair with writing on the wall, but was unsatisfied with those results. So I took one of the HOWies from the forum who tends to cause some raucous here and there..and used their avatar to my advantage. I thought it worked well, keeping in tune with the dark humor I was going for.

The original was done on canvas, with a mixture of acrylic paint and collage. The type was scratched into the surface with a x-acto knife, intended to look haphazard and creepy. Reprints were done on Strathmore Texture Paper to achieve the original look and feel.