Monday, June 25, 2007

HOW Poster 2007

Got my HOW Poster a few days ago in the mail. I'm including some pics for everyone who couldn't participate, or haven't gotten their posters yet. As for me, I hopped on the poster bandwagon somewhat late in the game (seeing as though I wasn't on the HOW forum last year...but once I spoke to the designer in charge about the project, I knew I wanted in. Even though I'm relatively new to the forum, I've been trying to get more involved with other projects and designers, and this one was perfect for me to dive into.

Basically, poster particpant's (aka HOWies) were asked to tint their avatar by picking a color from a set of swatches provided by Art Director, Jas Wabbington (aka WabbingtonDesign). They then were also asked to include a short quote, and note their design profession. Stars (which generally note the number of posts submitted by HOWies) were then color coded to match their profession (ie: Art Director, Print, Web, Illustrator, Photographer). The template for the avatars was set up to coincide with the appearance of pantone swatches. Swatches were then nestled among the leaves on the tree to give the illusion they were part of the tree's foliage. The final product was a 18 x 24 poster featuring avatars by 37 creative HOWies.

At the time I signed on, I was filling in of the empty spots that had been vacated by another project participant. It was probaby a good thing too, since Jas needed some help comandeering some extra troops in the final stretch to keep the project going. For my team participation I received PM prop's (thanks Jas) and a few post-it's with my poster.

Now I just have to make a frame for this bad boy. The poster has garnished some great reviews, and is even featured in a writeup on fellow HOWie Jeff Fisher's Blog, bLog-oMotives.
I've been trying to decide what kind of frame I want. Originally I had thought about buying one, but then Jas mentioned that a handmade frame would be cool, and I was reminded of all those frames that people construct out of found tree branches. We sure have a selection around here, after the storm we had back in october. I like the idea of making one, and using leather latigo straps to bind the corners. We'll see what happens. Either way, you can expect more pics in the future.


Calvin Lee June 27, 2007 at 3:54 AM  

Very Cool! Nice work guys!

- Cal