Monday, May 14, 2007

Gammp Family +1

There's an empty lot alongside my house, and then a brush line that separates our yards with the neighboring yards. And, believe it or not...there's some tombstones in there. In the first photo we have The Gammp Family, Benedict, Pauline and Frank...with some William Miller Dude parked in front of them. Kind of makes you wonder where the rest of his family is...but what's even stranger, is there's more buried there. I found two more behind those, one which I uncovered by stepping on it while trying to get a photograph of a different one. And then while moving a piece of granite that was partially sticking out of the ground, I found yet another one...but this one was so buried that I couldn't make anything out on it. I also found broken pieces of two more underneath some more brush. I hope no one saw me...they'd probably think I was pretty creepy crawling over random tombstones and flipping over pieces of rock. I wonder how long they've been there, and if they were dumped there like I suspect. All in all, very strange.

More pics are on my JPG page.