Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Art of Blank Space

I found myself in the art supplies section of a craft store this afternoon while waiting for someone in my family who was buying fabric. As per usual, the area around the sharpie marker display was covered with random doodles, scribblings, and bits of words. But what caught my eye, was the brown paper lined shelves. Now, if you're an art student, or have been an art student, you know the paper. It's akin to a brown paper shopping bag, and comes on a huge roll, and chances are you used it in drawing class. I still have large, life size figure drawings on this brown paper floating around my house. Blank paper is fun. It's demands to be covered with random snippets of whatever pops into your mind. Sometimes I wonder what they do in restaurants where brown paper and crayons line the tables. Do the busboys/girls read these sheets after clearing the dishes away? Does anyone ever save the paper? Once again I'm getting ahead of myself. So here was this paper. Most was untouched. But someone had started a line of quotes down the edge of the shelf, inbetween all the price tags. I saw a quote from Edgar Allan Poe, a title from a Goo Goo Dolls. In dark ink someone had wrote, "The nail that sticks out the farthest gets hammered the hardest." Followed by that little quip, I found one that caught my eye. "Too much fear and self doubt make people hesitate and lose out. - Sons of the Dark" I thought it was pretty neat to actually see various people had written quotes. I love quotes. To find them in an art aisle peaked my interest so I added a few that have been bouncing around my head lately.

I also stopped at borders today, to price some design books I am going to purchase to add to my arsenal of business information and inspiration. Most are more expensive than what I would pay on Amazon, so Amazon will probably be getting more business from me in the near future. I did pick up one book, "D.I.Y: Design it Yourself" which can be found at Design it Yourself. I haven't fully looked through it, but it's got some interesting pieces of information in it.

The other news for the day is I'll (hopefully) soon be upgrading my imagekind site so that I can upload more images, and make more galleries from the hundreds of photos I have had sitting around. I went to the botanical gardens again yesterday, and took some more pictures. Alot of it was random shooting, but the pictures came out really well in the lighting of the late afternoon. I also picked up two tulip plants, one is white with purple tinting around the tips, and the other is a red and yellow mix. Different from most you usually see. And next month, I am
going to go back and purchase some bulbs for these tulips called "Queen of the Night" just like the ones pictured above.
So deep purple, they almost look black. Very cool, if you ask me.