Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Happens, Once in Awhile

Two weeks ago, when I was downtown for the Switchfoot/Copeland concert at the Town Ballroom, I took this shot. It was one of those you take on a whim, not paying attention to your camera configurations, because you're too lazy and it's the last shot left on your roll of film (or in this case, the last little bit of space on my memory card). I wish now I had gone armed with my 35mm as well, but do you really ever see someone at a show carrying two cameras? Sometimes it's hard enough just to smuggle one in. Not that I'd recommend it, but you know people are doing it. I like how it was one of the first warm spring-ish days we had. I liked how the fog had lifted by the time we got out. I liked that the street was empty, the streets washed clean by the day's rain. I just like this shot.

So aside from the photo, what else is going on here? (Not the photo, I mean, like -- here.)

After realizing I'm now worthy (and having gotten the GREEN light) of sending my work off to some places (which, will remain anonymous, because, well, hey - I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch) I need to start logging what the hell I am doing everyday - in terms of this stuff anyways. Maybe get some feedback from creative types like myself. What I've been fighting is my gut is screaming one thing, but my brain dosen't want to be in check with it, because that nagging little doubt always has to sneak in the back door, pull up a chair, and say "what do YOU think YOU'RE doing? what is going to set YOUR work APART from everything else out there?" I wish I could've figured out closer to having gotten out of college that, guess what - the advertising agency/design firm dosen't want me, and I in turn, don't want it.

I just have to believe in what I do, what I am capable of, and ignore all the rest, right?